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Why, when logging into a webinar room, am I told an updated plugin is available?
The technology will be updated from time to time to provide additional functions and/or to correct problems. Follow the instructions to install the new plugin and enter the room in the usual way after the updates have been installed. When the installation has completed successfully you will see a Finished prompt. If you are prompted to allow or disallow by your firewall software, alwase choose the option to Always Allow . Usually an option to use the existing plugin or upgrade to the new version is provided. You might choose to continue using the existing version if you are late for a meeting and want to join the webinar immediately for example (it only takes a few minutes to install a new version of the plugin with a high spped Internet connection.

Why do I get a Page Not Found error when I try to log into a webinar?
This occurs when using the Full Client option and the plugin has not been correctly installed. Reinstall the plug-in and try again. When the installation have completed successfully you will see a Finished prompt.

Why, when updating the plugin, do I get an error message saying it can't copy the files?
You will receive this message if a portion of the technology is still running on your computer. Make sure all necessary applications have been stopped and press the Retry option. If the problem persists, reboot your computer and install the plugin from the beginning.

What is a Full Client and Web Client?
The Full Client interface uses a small program, called a plugin, on the personal computer to communicate with the web server application. This provide two-way VoIP communications so users can use a microphone to speak plus other administration and recording functions. The plugin must be installed to use this interface. The Web Client is a web application interface that can be used with any browser without the need to install a plugin. Therefore it can used on MACs, Linux, Windows etc. Users using this interface can watch, listen and text chat but there cannot be moderators, use the microphone or record session.

What is a plugin?
A plugin is a small program that is installed on the personal computer. This program communicates directly with the server application to provide the full function web conference capability. Currently only Windows version are available. MAC OS and Linux comming soon.